Spend to Sell: How to Sell Your Home Faster and For More Money By Adding Curb Appeal

Landscaping in Carmichael

Selling a property in today’s economy is no easy task. It’s even more difficult to get what you believe you’re worth. The choice to sell a home is always a significant one, and when it sits on the market for months on end or you receive offers that are much less than what you were expecting, it can be frustrating.

Using Landscaping to Improve the Sale of Your Property

Usually when someone wants to sell a property, they are hoping to make money. But in some cases you can make even more money if you spent a little first.

Landscaping right before a home sale is not very common, but it may be a great investment for homeowners that are looking to improve both the real and the perceived value of their property.

  • Perceived Value – Most home buyers buy on instinct. When you have a new, manicured landscape, especially if it has any “special” features that impress buyers (like an outdoor kitchen), more buyers will be fighting to purchase the property, and will remember it as they consider their home buying choices. If you ask for more money, home buyers are going to understand why because they’ll see that value in the home.
  • Real Value – Of course, landscaping is not just perceived value. Landscaping can add real value to your home. At the very least, a well-designed landscape should help you recoup the money you spent on the landscape design, and in many cases you may be able to increase the value of your property tremendously with the right hardscape and design.

While most people think about landscaping as an investment in their future, landscaping can also be an investment in the present. Landscaping a property in order to sell it more easily can often be an effective use of resources, provided you get a good price on your landscape design, and in some cases can help you make even more money on your property than you could have otherwise.

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