5 Common Mistakes in Sacramento Landscape Design


We have discussed the need for a plan when making changes to your landscaping. However, just because you have a plan does not mean that you are going to avoid all of the mistakes that can pop up when, and even after, you complete a landscape renovation.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes that are often overlooked during the design and or construction phase of Sacramento area landscaping.

  1. Failure to work with what you have ~ Is your yard filled with shade most of the day, or sun, perhaps you have clay or rocky soil. Not taking those things into consideration will result in a landscape design that does not allow the plants to thrive. Few things are more disappointing than spending time and money to see no difference in the following weeks or years. A Sacramento Landscape Design will utilize your yards strengths.
  2. Planting on a Slope ~ Steep slopes are difficult to work on, and any soil you bring in and/or bark will likely end up in your drainage system during the next heavy rain. Adding a retaining wall will make the slope less drastic the plantings will have a much better chance for survival. Another great thing about retaining walls…… MORE SEATING!!! You can invite more friends to your next party.
  3. Insufficent Irrigation ~ Many people go to all the trouble to design a beautiful landscape, pick out all the correct plant material and then in an effort to save some money decide to not put in an automatic irrigation system. MAYBE at first it will be fun and relaxing to spend some time in the yard watering the new plants and admiring your handy work, but in time lets face it we all get busy. Take one thing off of your to do list before it gets put there, install an automatic irrigation system.
  4. Everyone else has it so I need it too ~  This thinking in regards to anything is dangerous. If YOU don’t like it don’t put it in your landscaping. All too many people have lawn just because. There are many things that look great besides sod in your back yard. There are many great artificial turf products that have come around in recent years that are remarkably like grass. If you don’t want that short green stuff at all we have lots of other ideas for you, just give us a call.
  5. Not enough range of texture and color ~  So, you have beautiful spring and summer blooming shrubs, trees for shade, an irrigation system you are done right? Well what is that yard going to look like in fall? Winter? Remember that pretty plant that blooms in the spring if it does not have interesting foliage, what is going to be interesting to look at all the rest of the year? Make sure that you choose plants that will bloom at all times of the year, and a lot of plants have interesting textured or colored foliage other times of the year as well.


If you are having problems with deciding which direction to take your landscaping give us a call. We would be happy to review your project with you. With licensed Landscape Architects on staff and over 30 years completing Sacramento Landscapes we can help you take your landscape from conception to completion!

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