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Subtly Going Green: Easy Means to Becoming Environmentally Friendly

Everywhere you look, companies are promoting the “green movement.” Green isn’t a bad idea, but people don’t want to invest the time or money needed. Not to mention, does anybody really know what “going green” means? I mean really? 

Don’t worry I’m no saint. I use too much water, don’t recycle enough, and use motorized electronics for simple tasks I can do by hand.

But let’s face facts, we need to do our part to keep our planet pretty for as long as we can. If you are like me, it is hard to figure out how to be greener especially when it comes to landscaping. It’s common to want to have a nice backyard with a lot greenery but,  also want to do your part for environment.

The issue is this: do you have any idea of how to turn a front or back yard into a beautiful “green” space?

First and foremost, let’s try to tackle the definition of “going green.” It’s pretty basic actually; the definition is having little to no impact on the environment.

Don’t panic, you can still be environmentally friendly without compromising the aesthetic aspect of your property. When you are ready to take the leap into reducing your carbon footprint, you need to have a good plan! Hiring a professional landscape company is the first step to take.

Actually, that should be the second item. The first is to contact them and see if their landscape design services include a greener approach like xeriscape and energy efficiency.

Do your research.

Find a reliable Sacramento landscape company that sees your vision and is willing to tell you what will work and what’s not going to work. For instance: if you want to grow Camellias in your back yard, but you’re trying to conserve water (Camellias consume water like fish), your landscaper should probably politely say, “Well, that doesn’t really jive with your efforts in going green.” So make sure that’s one of the first items off your check list.

An easy concept to implement is recycling. Ask your landscape contractor what they can reuse on your project. You can recycle your raked leaves, cut grass, newspaper, and even earth grown food scraps to create compost.

Compost is an easy and resourceful way to creating great fertilizer for your plants and yard. It has all the nutrients to help make flowers, vegetables (if you have a veggie box), even your lawn, grow strong and colorful. A compost bin does not have to be big, bulky and ugly!!!

There are lots of ways to disguise it. At first thought it might seem a bit on the gross side, but it reuses waste that would cause more strain on the nations landfills. Having healthy soil allows for better aeration and water retention, because natural compost contains microbes that act as natural pesticides that eat away at unwanted pests to your garden. A little compost will go a long way in your garden, and you will be surprised at how much better your plants will look.

Pests aren’t always bad! The pests found in compost actually eliminate harmful bacteria and vermin to your flowerbeds and veggie boxes.  This rich soil promotes healthy plants life and as a direct result you will get vibrant and optimal plant life.

Not to mention, compost saves a trip to the dump (therefore saving gas, therefore SAVING MONEY!! See, it all works like a circle: saving the big green planet saves you big green paper). Be patient though, compost does take time to cultivate. A faster alternative decomposition method, with the same results, is vermiculture or vermicompost (worms eating trash). Ask your contractor if your landscape design could include a compost bin or vermiculture bin.

If done right, these bins will not smell. As a side note:  vermicompost does require you to work with worms, but it’s environmentally friendly. If you have children, they will get a kick out of playing with worms in dirt, and kids love tasks that are hands on and dirt oriented!

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