Eat Your Backyard: Edible Plant Landscaping

Edible Plants

Landscape design has changed a lot in recent years. Before, the only real criteria for a great landscape was to make sure it was a pretty design with good curb appeal. Now, there are numerous “types” of landscape designs, including:

  • Xeriscaping – Drought resistant landscaping.
  • Native Plant Landscaping – Landscaping using only native plants.
  • Dog Friendly Landscaping – Exactly as it sounds.

These variations allow for more interesting yards, and properties that have more appeal to both current homeowners and future buyers.

Your Landscape Paying You Back

Though rare, one type of landscape may grow in popularity over the next several decades, especially as Sacramento and Roseville continue to make their pushes for healthier living. Someday you may see many people have what’s known as an “edible landscape” – landscape designs made entirely of edible plants.

Benefits of an edible landscape design include:

  • Free Food – Edible plants are nutritionally dense and fantastic for your diet. You’ll be able to simply walk outside and pick anything you want out of the ground and eat it as a snack, or take leaves inside and grind them up into a green smoothie. Edible plants are some of the healthiest plants out there.
  • Money Saving Design – By their very nature, edible plants help save you money over time. Assuming you are going to be snacking on them, you’ll save money which will then help your landscape design pay for itself.
  • Sustainable Living – Similarly, there has been an incredible push for sustainable living, and edible plants represent the future of that push. Grow your own food, and you need to use less of everyone else’s. The long term benefits of this type of landscape are clear.

Now, edible plants are not for everyone, especially when they are used to decorate your entire landscape. In Sacramento, the heat can make it harder to maintain some of these plants, and of course you’re limited on colors and styles. But the idea behind edible landscaping is a strong one, and at the very least you may want to consider adding some edible plants to your landscape design.

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