Landscaping for Investment Properties: Tips and Ideas

backyard waterfall and pond

Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, and other cities in the area have all become very popular places to invest in properties in recent years. As the market improves, so too does the desirability of this area of California. But investors need to be smart about how they can make money from their properties, and in many cases that requires investment property landscaping.

What is the Purpose of Landscaping Investment Properties?

When you’re flipping a home or planning to rent a property out, you need to consider desirability. The longer you hold onto a home yourself, the more money you lose. Ideally, you need to find ways to make a home so desirable that others want to buy/rent it immediately as soon as it’s ready to be put to market.

Many investors try to fix up the inside of the properties. But it is the curb appeal – the way that your property looks from the outside – that is most likely to attract buyers and tenants. That’s why landscaping for investment properties can hold such real value. The way your property looks from the outdoors can impress buyers more than what is inside.

Tips for Investment Landscaping

Of course, if you’re going to landscape your investments, you also need to make smart decisions to improve your profits. Consider the following:

  • Usable Features – For flipping a home, think about usable features – like fire pits, outdoor kitchens, etc. These are the features that will genuinely wow a potential buyer into purchasing quickly. Decorative landscapes hold just as much value, but may not be as easy a sell. Water features tend to be more in between.
  • Don’t Forget the Front Yard – The backyard is where you have the most space for the best home features, but the front yard is how you attract them in the first place. Try to work with a landscaper to design some outstanding curb appeal so that you get more people interested in your home so they can see the rest of the property.
  • Consider a “Niche” – Xeriscaping, edible landscaping, dog friendly landscaping – these are all niche designs that can make your home an easier sell, because they give you something to point to that will be different from other properties. When it comes to investment properties, having that “something special” that they won’t find anywhere else is a great way to sell a property for real value.

No matter what, however, you still need to make sure that you’re taking the time to decorate the landscape so that you can attract buyers and/or renters, and that means investing in landscape design for investment properties. It may take a bit more than you expected up front, but the payoff for your property can be incredible.

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