Tips for a Dog Friendly Landscape Design

Dog Friendly Landscaping

Folsom, Roseville, El Dorado Hills and more – everyone loves their dogs. The entire Greater Sacramento area has plenty of dog friendly areas, but many homeowners enjoy making their home as dog friendly as possible in order to give their furry best friend a place to roam, mark, and otherwise enjoy.

What is a Dog Friendly Landscape?

Dogs are pretty open minded animals. Give them grass and a tree and you can bet your pet will love your landscape design. Yet for those that really want a true “dog friendly landscape” – a place that allows your pet to run freely and pee openly, the following represent landscape ideas that your pet will love.

  • Urine Resistant Grass

Okay, it’s not all about the pet either. If your pet has a tendency to mess up your grass with yellow spots from urine burn, there are some grasses that are resistant to it. Check out perennial rye grass or any of the fescue grasses. These grasses tend to stay green(er) when exposed to your pet’s waste. Keep in mind that no grass can withstand all acid, but a little greener is always nicer.

  • Fresh Water Landscape Fountain

Sacramento is hot. Your dog will need to drink water as they play, but you don’t necessarily want to stop the fun. An outdoor fresh water fountain is a great way to ensure that your pet can take a drink up when it needs to without going back inside, and in some cases this fountain can be designed in such a way it adds to the beauty of your landscape.

  • Fish Free Pond

Ponds – especially koi ponds – are very popular in areas like El Dorado Hills and Lincoln. But a fish free pond is also a great choice for pets. It gives them a place to relax and cool off in the hot weather, and if your dog loves water it will quickly become one of its favorite jumping spots.

  • Shade

Part of a dog friendly landscape is making sure that you’re also giving your dog what it needs to be comfortable. So you have to make sure you also have shade areas. Many simply install a dog house, especially for pets that spend a lot of time outdoors, but there are a lot of different shade options that you may prefer to try.

  • Play/Trick Areas

If you want to train your dog to do tricks or give them places to play, these can be built easily as well. There are a lot of simple installs to turn a yard into a training ground for dog athletics (like agility training), or to give your pet a fun place to play and change up their routine. These installs can be great for exercise and give you something to do with your dog so that you can spend time together more often.

Dog Friendly Landscapers

Dog friendly landscape installations can all be a part of a great custom landscape design. With the right landscaper, you can also ensure that your new landscape is as fun for you as it is for your pet.

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