Create a Backyard Focal Point

orangevale-backyard-waterfall-pond-water-feature-capital-landscape-web_1My back yard looks ok.

How many times have you told yourself that?

Is ok really good enough?

You can transform your backyard landscaping without breaking the bank or your back. Check out some of these fun ideas. With just a few hours of work and a little bit of sweat (better than having to go to the gym to get your sweat on!!) you can create drama, or distract from an area that you do not want to be the focal point of your landscaping.

  • Create a water garden. With just a few items you can have a great new fountain in your back yard. Use  a great pot that you have, or go shopping for a new amazing piece to add to your yard. Here is a quick video to show you how to put the project together.

  • granite-bay-rock-fire-pit-firepit-stamped-concrete-patio-hardscape-capital-landscape-webInstall a quick and easy fire pit. Yes, that is right I said fire pit. Nothing brings people together like either fire or water! With just a little bit of flagstone and some blocks you can have a great seating area and fire pit. Create Your Own Firepit in 5 Easy Steps.
  • Still wanting more drama? A pond-less water feature might be just what you are looking for. This project will up the impact, and will need a little extra effort on your part as well. This project will take most of the weekend, unless you have some friends that you can invite over to help you out. A hill on your property will make creating the waterfall easier, but don’t overlook the chance to put the spillway right over that retaining wall that you are just not in love with anymore. Here are some fun ideas to get you started…….

Ok, So the videos were fun and having one of those pictures just materialize in your Roseville Landscape sounds great, but really who has the time??!! Capital Landscape can take that problem off of your hands right now. Just click the link below to book your no obligation consultation with one of our landscape consultants. Capital Landscape can make that picture or video materialize in your yard overnight, well almost. If you are looking to add just a little (or a lot) more drama that the pics and videos above, we can help you with that too!! Give us a call at 916-783-5080, or click the link below to book your appointment right now online!!!

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