Enjoy your Yard at Night

When you look out your windows into your back yard at night what do you see?? Is it something like this?


Would you like it to look more like this?


The path to success is easy….

With the vast array of lighting choices available now the possibilities are virtually endless. From low cost plastic fixtures for the extremely budget conscious to the elite brass fixtures. You can find a light that will fit your budget.

You can purchase an entire kit at your local Home Improvement Store if you are a first timer and want to tackle the project your self. They are simple to install and will add value to your landscaping. The soil in the Sacramento and Roseville areas can be a challenge to deal with, but you will only be burying small wire so that should not be a problem even for the first time do-it-yourself-er.

If you are not quite sure if you are ready to tackle the project on your own contact a Landscape Contractor in your area. A Landscape Contractor in Sacramento or Roseville will be able to help you select what type of fixture you will need (path, well, spot, etc) and can help you determine what finish will best match the feel of the elements that you already have in your yard as well as get the work completed within any budget constraints you might have.

Most important, remember to have fun with lighting!!! You can highlight a focal point in you yard (tree, shrub, stream bed  pond, waterfall or fountain , increase the value of your home and make your home a safer place to be. More lighting decreases the likelihood of burglary and makes it harder to hide in the shadows.

Good luck with your lighting project and if you need the help of a professional Give Capital Landscape a call at 916-783-5080. We look forward to seeing your project soon!!!

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