What Water Features Are Best for Small Backyards?

Water Feature

Water features are one of the most pleasant components of a new landscape design. They’re naturally calming, they add life to the home, and in some cases they can be a great visual interruption to an otherwise boring landscape.

But the size of your backyard affects the size of the water features you can add. A koi pond, for example, is a popular type of water feature in Sacramento, but in small backyards they may be too large and cover too much usable ground. The following are some great choices for water features when you have limited backyard space.

Types of Small Yard Water Features

  • Fountain Mist Bird Baths

Bird baths are always a fun addition and often appear to take up more space than normal because they stand out from the ground. Bird baths are also an option for those that want more life in their small backyard, because birds will congregate outside in the Sacramento heat. With a fountain mist, you also create a bit of movement and attract hummingbirds as well.

  • Landscape Bubblers

Landscape bubblers are fun little rock formations that have water that sprays out the top and rolls down the side of the rocks. Though it is essentially a small fountain (also a popular landscaper choice), bubblers tend to be popular because they address two types of landscape designs – a water feature and a natural rock feature.

  • Water Basins

Water basins involve a natural (often bamboo) hose that pours small amounts of water into a bowl. They are very popular in Japanese landscape designs. While waterfalls are also popular for small backyards, many are choosing water basins instead because they get a similar feature without as much water use.

Choosing Your Water Feature

The water feature is only one part of your backyard, and working with a landscaper will definitely help, as you can throw your ideas off of them and see the designs that they come up with. But many people in Sacramento, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, and more, are dealing with limited space, so considering which feature you want in advance could help you communicate your design.

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