5 Japanese Inspired Landscape Design Options

Zen Garden in Sacramento

Japanese landscape design ideas have long been popular in the Sacramento and Roseville areas. The Japanese – who themselves modeled their landscapes from other Asian countries, and combined them with Western influences – have created some very relaxing, romantic, and inspired landscape design ideas, and many homeowners like to incorporate those ideas into their California designs.

The best thing about many of the Japanese landscape architectural choices is that they can be placed in any style landscape and still work well. You do not necessarily have to model your entire backyard after the landscapes in Japan. Simply adding a feature or two can dramatically change the feeling of a landscape.

Examples of Japanese Landscapes

  • Zen Gardens

It is admittedly rare to find a Zen Garden in a Sacramento or El Dorado Hills backyard, but that may change in the near future. Zen Gardens are not only a relaxing way to spend time – they are also a form of Xeriscaping, as they do not require much/any water for upkeep. While they can be a little bit expensive and require maintenance, Zen gardens are a unique and interesting way to create a landscape, with sand that can be combed every day to calm your nerves and create an interesting landscape.

  • Koi Ponds

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a koi pond. Taken straight out of Japanese landscapes, koi ponds are very common – especially in areas like Roseville, Folsom, and El Dorado Hills where the surrounding landscapes tend to complement the water and marine life. Koi ponds are easy to maintain, great for design, and are one of the most popular choices at Capital Landscape.

  • Bamboo Installation

A bit more simple a design, many Japanese inspired landscapes have living bamboo installed into the yard. In some cases it may be simply a “plant” in the sense that it is placed around the yard as a background. In other cases, walls and curbs may be made from bamboo to attract the eye and showcase the Japanese landscape.

  • Japanese Fountains

Japanese fountains are also a very popular option for Sacramento landscapes, especially small backyards. These fountains often have a small bamboo “pipe” that feeds into a water basin. They use less water too, so they are useful during the drought for those that still want some type of fountain water feature in their yards.

  • Japanese Style Arbor

Sometimes the entrance is all you need to have an amazing Asian-inspired landscape design. With a Japanese style arbor, you immediately have an entrance into your home that changes your entire landscape. These arbors also tend to be more unique and visually interesting, so even those not necessarily looking for a Japanese landscape may find these arbors a great addition.

Choosing Your Custom Landscape Design

Every day we do work in places like El Dorado Hills, Folsom, and of course Roseville and Sacramento, and every day that means we’re meeting with people that have their own vision and their own ideas of an incredible design.

So the best thing you can do is talk to your designer and let them know what you like and what you want to see. If you want something Japanese inspired, American inspired, or any other potential design, talk to your designer and see about turning it into a reality.

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