Beginning to Bloom- Pick new flowers

Drought Resistant Flowers in Sacramento

The Purpose of Replanting for your Roseville Landscape

Because of record lows in rainfall this year there will likely be city-wide limits on outdoor watering. This means if you’re looking for a beautiful backyard with tons of brilliant colors then you must plant with drought resistance in mind. With such a dry year you may feel you have to sacrifice beauty for functionality of your backyard, the usual flowers may not be weather resistant but thanks to Mother Nature there are never-ending options of beautiful dessert and prairie raised plants that can grace your backyard this summer and spring.

How to get started on Your Roseville Landscape?

Replanting, or preparing to replant should begin now! This means picking out the segments of your backyard where you will place these newest editions and getting your order in with a lawn care service right away. Landscape designers and architects from Capital Landscape are prepared at all times to bring any customer and landscape a wide selection of beautiful flowering plants. In order to best plant your new plants do a little research on the amount of shade in your backyard as well as on the instituted water limits for your home.

Types of Drought Resistant Flowers… Just To Name a Few

  • Capital landscape blanket flowerBlanket Flower- As a prairie native flower that blooms all summer long in bright hues, this is a great selection for warm tones in your backyard. It looks luxurious and natural while also being able to survive in the full sun of Sacramento. As a landscape option, this plant will survive with as little as once a week watering for just a few minutes and continue to bring curb appeal to any front yard.
  • Agastache- This beautiful flower blooms all summer and all autumn which means planting it now and getting it ready for the summer will ensure you have a brilliantly colored landscape all season long. It also survives well in poorly watered and fully sunned areas which keeps you from having to designate certain sections of your backyard for certain plants.Agastache for Drought
  • SageRussian Sage- Not only does this beautiful plant smell great on a hot day, it has a soothing purple hue that blends well with brightly colored and earth toned landscape accents. It is a great barrier plant to use on borders and outlying sections of your landscape. It is also extremely heat resistant and animal resistant so as to keep munching animals like deer, rabbits, and other critters clear of your landscape.
  • Lavender- This tough as nails brush like flower grows into a full landscape accent in even the most hostile environment. It can grow in white and purple blooms that will remain intact for long months with minimal natural watering.lavender

We Are the Water Experts

Here at Capital Landscape, we are aware of the devastating effects low rainfall can have on California backyards and front yard landscape design. This is why our designers are on top of their game by helping each and every landscape customer to create a luxurious lawn within water conservation limits. Make a free consultation appointment today.

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