Top 3 Ornamental Vegetable Landscaping Ideas

Romanesco Cauliflower

The idea of an edible landscape is appealing to many, because it’s a landscape that will:

  • Save you money.
  • Provide hours of gardening fun.
  • Help you eat healthier.

There is genuinely nothing as healthy as fruits and vegetables straight from the ground, as most lose their key nutrients right away after exposure to the air (fun fact: buying vegetables from the grocery store, while healthy, is still much less than half of the health benefits you would receive if the vegetables were fresh).

But of course, one of the reasons that people avoid vegetables is because they are unlikely to make your landscape as attractive as you want it to be. So when you’re looking to create a beautiful landscape but also want to consider adding vegetables, the following are attractive vegetables that are also edible and great for any type of new landscape or garden.

Ornamental Vegetables

  • Romanesco Cauliflower

If you want a fascinating vegetable with an incredibly interesting appearance, go with the Romanesco. This vegetable has a fascinating, spikey appearance that makes it look almost like an art piece far more than a plant that you’re able to eat, and while you may need to learn a few cooking strategies for this type of cauliflower, you’re going to certainly what it looks like when you add it to your garden.

  • Sangria Pepper

Though not particularly spicy and not exactly the type of pepper you’re used to cooking with, the Sangria pepper is an edible, multicolored pepper that can add bright, vibrant colors throughout the landscape. While they are not known for their heat, they are still edible and a great choice for those that want to pick off peppers at any time.

  • The Black Pearl Pepper

We’ll stay in the pepper family for this last one, but another very popular ornamental vegetable is the Black Pearl Pepper. What makes this a great option for landscapes is that the leaves are a very deep, interesting black color, while the peppers are a bright red. Even in relaxing landscapes, there are many ways that these colors can be advantageous to your design, and a lot of opportunities for you to give yourself a very cool landscape.

Choosing Plants and More

Of course, if you’re not picky about colors and simply want vegetables, there are thousands of different options. But the above list are some of the vegetables that add to your landscape appearance, rather than detract from it.

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