Tips for Landscaping Older Homes

Landscaping in Carmichael

Landscaping knows no boundaries, and so whether you’re landscaping a small house built by hand or a multimillion dollar mansion, a quality landscape can add to the look of your property and the value of your home.

But every home has its own unique strategies and challenges. For example, you wouldn’t want an externally modern home to have the same design as a rustic home, because it could potentially clash with the rest of the house (although it may not – each home should be taken on a case by case basis).

Older Home Landscaping

Landscaping older homes doesn’t necessarily require much in the way of design changes, because older homes can look modern, modern homes can look older, etc.

But there are some tips to older home landscaping that may be of interest. These include:

  • Reconsidering Irrigation

Often older homes have irrigation problems. Even though most people choose new landscapes because they want to improve the beauty of their home, irrigation can save you money in the long run and while you’re landscaping your home it may be a great time to install better irrigation systems. Most people wait and wait, but during a landscaping contract is a great time to make the change.

  • “Old Style” Hardscape

Again, the look of your home affects everything, and many older homes still look clean, classic, and more. But if your home is showing the signs of aging and you’re not planning on renovating it any time soon, you can consider hardscape that also reflects that classic style. Examples include cobble stone, gravel, and certain types of stamped concrete.

  • Add Color

Color can really change the dynamic of an older home, especially if the style of the home and the colors seem a bit drab. You can add plants, flowers, and even hardscape that offers considerable color, and can completely remake the look of your home.

  • Planning for the Future

Old homes tend to get repainted and renovated. If you’re planning on changing the outside of your home in any way, consider a landscape design that will look great for what the home will be, but not what the home currently is. That way when you change your home in the future, you don’t have to worry about changing your landscape. It might mean that you have a year with a little bit of awkward colors around your home, but chances are it will still look nice and it will of course look amazing after renovations.

Renovating an Old Home Landscape

There aren’t many differences between landscaping new homes and landscaping old homes. The key is to simply pay attention to the décor and the way your home looks as you come up with your overall design. Since every home is different and every homeowner is different, there are always ways to match your vision and your home.

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