Planning Your Backyard Garden With Landscape Design Contractors

The backyard is the most happening area of your home exterior, where most activities occur. It is the perfect place for your kids’ play time, spending a quiet time with your favorite book, or a family barbecue. Since it is an extension of your home, it needs to be well-decorated and upgraded as a part of your landscape design project. Even a small urban backyard can be transformed into an inviting space by hiring the right landscape design contractors in the city of Sacramento who will employ the following basic principles to design your backyard.

Planning the Living Space

The fundamental principle will be picking a garden style that complements your home, for which they will evaluate your site. The landscape design contractors in Sacramento will assess how much space you have by measuring your backyard to get a more accurate idea, determine if your yard is level, sloped, or irregularly shaped, what your existing foundation trees and shrubs are, and if you want to incorporate them into a new design or remove them, and will also identify how light falls during different parts of the day and throughout the seasons in order to determine plant choice and how they can use the space.

Functionality will be the designer’s top priority. They will determine how you want to use your backyard space if you want a play area for kids, a dining patio, a place to prepare food, a space for a dog run, water features, a swimming pool, a vegetable garden, quiet seating area for mediation, or a fire pit. You will have to prioritize the activities you will most likely engage in.

Privacy is a major issue, especially regarding small urban lots. Hence, certain things must be considered, like whether your neighbor’s second-story window looks down into your backyard, if there is an unsightly view that needs screening, and if a fence or hedging encloses your backyard.

Dividing the backyard into garden rooms is another thing landscape designers consider when creating backyard garden designs. Creating separate areas for various functions can make the space feel larger. Hence, they may connect rooms with pathways or transition areas; use hedging, plant groupings, containers, fencing, or lattice to screen the garden rooms. You can make the separation solid or semi-open so that light can enter. It will also allow you to get glimpses into the adjacent space.

Considering the Scaling

You can choose a bistro set or loveseat if you have a smaller space. The designer may prefer stepping stones for pathways rather than a full-sized sidewalk. Even if you have a tiny yard that cannot accommodate a pond, the designer will help you add a water feature like a tabletop fountain or a birdbath. Enough room will be left for plants to reach their mature size, and dwarf varieties will be used for smaller areas.

Drawing the Design

The designer will start by making a rough sketch and formulating a basic plan.

What Can You Do?

Your job will be to choose a style and decide on your budget. Make sure you pick a landscape design that will complement your home’s facade. If you have a modern-style house, a contemporary fireplace or couch sectional is a great option, while a firepit is more suitable for a bungalow.

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