Best Tips For Creating Prairie Landscape Design

Prairie Landscape Design

Prairie-inspired landscape design takes its cues from the vast grasslands. These designs create a beautiful blend of grasses and flowering perennials with a graceful, ever-changing scene. So, if you plan to have a natural-looking and sustainable landscape design in Sacramento that is affordable and requires low maintenance, prairie landscape design is what you should look for.

Prairie-inspired landscape design in Sacramento is perfect if you are low on funds, love wildlife, birds, and native plantings, and want to limit pesticides. You can opt for these low-maintenance designs if you are tired of mowing grass. It gives a unique look to your landscape and can look great with your house. Here are the best tips to know when creating a prairie-inspired landscape design.

Choose The Right Plants

Identify the shade patterns in your garden, how wet the area gets, and how tall things can grow in the space. Make sure that you put the right plants in the right places. You can go for ornamental grasses along with other grasses. For instance, you can combine coneflower with Russian sage in the sun or autumn bride coral bells and Solomon’s seal in the shade.

Be Flexible With Your Options

Prairie-inspired landscapes don’t need to be perfect. You can use a wide range of plants as there is no need to follow the ‘plant in 3s and 5s rule’. So be flexible with your planting options. Though you may not opt for confetti, you are still not going for a formal and rigid arrangement. You must ensure that the planting is simple, clean, wild, and energetic.

Be Open To Change

You must be okay with mess and death when it comes to prairie landscape designs. Remember that such designs are all about flowers that have finished blooming, brown leaves, and change. Also, remember that your outdoor space will look completely different in early spring from mid-summer. Blooms will come and go, the focal points of the plants will change, and plants will grow tall. If your region has a short growing season, you can enjoy dried seed heads and many browns from the foliage of your plants.

Add Some Native Stones

Prairie-inspired landscape designs also need some structure. It can be anything from an edging for the planting bed, a seating wall, or a full patio. You can choose limestone or sandstone for these structures. If you want a more formal or modern style, you can opt for hewn blocks or cut flagstones to have some clean edges and sharp lines. But if you want something more organic and casual, you can use a natural edge or tumbled stone to create flagstone walkways or seating walls. Another amazing option is using pea gravel for paths or patios. It has a soft underfoot and a delightful crunch and fits the wild garden design well.

Final thoughts

A prairie-inspired garden consists mostly of perennials, which are much cheaper to install than shrubs and evergreens. They give your outdoor space the required color, movement, and changing texture all year. You can check out the prairie-inspired garden plans with your landscape designers if you want something wilder and more original. Prairie landscapes are mostly designed as square garden spaces. So, you can use half of it for foundation planting and add a patio in the remaining area.

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