Benefits and Weaknesses of Paver Stone Driveways

Paver Stones

Paver stone driveways are one of our most popular landscaping choices here at Capital Landscape, especially in the outskirts of Greater Sacramento where the stone driveways seem to fit in very well with the rest of the natural landscape.

Paver driveways are a fascinating option for homeowners that really want to spice up their landscape design. They take a simple, often overlooked part of the landscape – the driveway – and turn it into something that captures the eye. We’ve helped countless homeowners in Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Sacramento, Elk Grove and more create paver driveways of their dreams, but there is no denying that these driveways are not right for everyone.

Why Choose a Paver Driveway

For those that are looking into paver driveways, there are certainly a lot of benefits to having one installed. Some of these benefits include:

  • Turning Unattractive Into Attractive

Traditional driveways are eyesores. While most people redesign the rest of their landscape, if your goal is to make your property look more visually attractive the driveway may be one of the first places you should change. It represents a significant portion of your real estate while generally serving only one function, and so changing it up to paver stones could be a great way to give your entire home more character.

  • Functional

Of course, you may already need your driveway replaced because it is stained, broken, or otherwise in need of repairs. Paver driveways are a functional and attractive way to replace them. There’s little reason to simply lay down boring concrete when you can have a more attractive landscape design added.

  • Easy to Replace

If anything should happen to your paver driveway, you need not replace the entire driveway. You simply take out the stone and replace it with a new one. In some cases, because of the design, a broken paver stone could even add to the beauty of the landscape design or be a non-issue, while a traditional driveway could look trashier when cracks occur.

  • Other Benefits

Paver driveways can also add color and quality to the rest of your landscape installation, and tend to last a long period of time – longer than most other driveways. Paver driveways add considerable value to your home as well, so those that are looking into more of an investment may find that paver driveways are a better choice.

Weaknesses of Paver Driveways

There is no such thing as the perfect landscape solution, so of course there are a few weaknesses to paver driveways as well. The first is cost. Paver driveways may be more costly than other types of driveways, so if you’re on a very limited budget and were planning to redesign your entire landscape, a paver driveway may need to wait.

Paver driveways are also prone to sinking over time, resulting in an uneven landscape. Not surprisingly, many homeowners find that this actually adds to the appeal, because it gives the driveway more character. Nevertheless, if you were planning on playing basketball on the driveway or are simply not fond of indentations, you may not want it paved.

Paver Driveways in Greater Sacramento

As the leading paver driveway installation company in Sacramento and Roseville, we know how important it is to make sure that you have one of the best driveways available. Paver driveways are some of our most popular, and a great part of any landscape installation. If you’d like to learn more about paver driveways in Northern California, contact us today at (916)783-5080.

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