Benefits and Weaknesses of Vinyl Fences

Benefits and Weaknesses of Vinyl Fences


Vinyl fences are quickly becoming one of the most sought after choices in landscape installation. While other options like wood, wrought iron, and even bamboo have their own benefits and weaknesses, the market for vinyl fencing is growing considerably, because this type of fencing option has a lot of appeal to Sacramento consumers. The following are some of the benefits and weaknesses of vinyl fencing in Sacramento.

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

  • Durability – Vinyl fencing is perhaps the most durable type of fencing on the market today. Vinyl fencing practically doesn’t break, and it withstands the elements better than the best fencing out there. All fencing can break, but vinyl fencing is the least likely to have a problem.
  • Termite Free – There is no wood involved in the installation of vinyl fencing, which means that you do not have to worry about termites or any wood destroying insects. Indeed, while pests tend to accumulate anywhere they can, vinyl fencing isn’t likely to have the holes and hiding spots that attract a variety of your least favorite pests.
  • Resistant to Stains and Paint – Vinyl fencing is one of the most resistant types of fencing to stains, paint, etc. Water (sometimes soap and water) is usually enough to wash it clean to the point where it looks brand new. That cannot be said about any other type of fencing. That is why this is a very common fence in areas with a lot of dirt or graffiti. These can just wash right off without any long term problems.
  • Chemical Free/Environmentally Friendly – Vinyl is one of the most eco-friendly options. Not only is the low maintenance a benefit, but there are no chemicals involved in the creation of vinyl fencing, nor can this type of fence rot or have rust. You will also never have to paint over this type of fence, so no paint will seep into the environment.

Vinyl fencing is essentially a maintenance free type of fence, which is why fence builders so often recommend vinyl fencing as an addition to your landscape.

Weaknesses of Vinyl Fencing

  • Cost – Vinyl fencing is more expensive up front than several other types of fencing options. It’s certainly not nearly the most expensive option out there. Wrought iron, for example, tends to cost a lot more, but it’s not the least expensive either.
  • Customization – Vinyl fencing also isn’t always customizable. In most cases you’re limited by the options out there, and that can be problematic for those that have always wanted their own unique and amazing custom fence.
  • Damage and Replacement – Even though vinyl is resistant to damage, all fencing can potentially get damaged under the right conditions, and vinyl is harder to replace and requires more labor than other forms of fencing.

Choosing Vinyl Fencing in Sacramento

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2 thoughts on “Benefits and Weaknesses of Vinyl Fences

  1. Braden Bills says:

    I’m trying to decide what kind of fence that I would like to have installed around my home. I didn’t know that vinyl fencing had so many benefits! I like that it’s termite free. That’s one less thing that I would have to worry about fixing later!

  2. Braden Bills says:

    I need to have a fence installed, but I don’t know what kind to use. I didn’t know that vinyl was so durable and easy to maintain! The fact that it’s so inexpensive is a huge plus, too. I’ll have to see what my wife thinks!

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