3 Shade Landscaping Ideas

Gazebo Shade

Sacramento is hot. Even though the weather is starting to cool, most months of the year, Sacramento is one of the hottest cities in California, and if you’re going to spend some time outside you’re going to need some places for shade.

The following are some of the simplest ways to add shade to your landscape.

  • Trees – Of course, trees should be your priority. Great trees means that you’re improving the environment, creating easy shade, and giving yourself a break from the hot heat every time you’re outdoors.
  • Shade Structures – Arbors and pergolas can make great shade structures, especially if the top of the design is complemented by some type of plant or cover. While they only provide a brief respite, they’re a great addition to landscapes that are otherwise too shade-free.
  • Gazebos – Gazebos may actually be the best possible landscaping shade idea, because they provide a complete break from the sun while not interrupting the view. A well placed gazebo still gives you a 360 degree view of your landscape, but also provides you a place to sit away from the sun.

Anything tall and covered can be a provider of shade. Some even make larger fences that face the sun so that they can get a break when they need to, and many use patio covers to give them more time outdoors. The best way to enjoy your landscape is to make sure there is something installed that allows you to use the landscape 100% of the time, and some type of shade is a great way to ensure you never have to avoid the landscape – especially during the summer.


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