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Sacramento Landscape Features

Features to consider for your Sacramento Landscape

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Landscape Design Features in Sacramento

Your Sacramento landscape plays a key role in your home’s value, comfort, and usefulness. A great Sacramento Landscape Design means more time outdoors, more home value, and greater overall happiness every time you come home, and that’s why installing a custom landscape that matches your vision is so important.

But it’s not just any landscape that will do. You need a unique landscape that is perfect for your personality. That’s why you’ll be in need of landscape features – specific installations that make your landscape really stand out.

Capital Landscape’s Unique Installation Services

Capital Landscape is proud to provide complete Sacramento landscape design installation overhauls and landscape designs for homeowners across Sacramento. In addition, we are happy to provide you with additions to your current landscape in order to give it more character and personality. We are one of the leading providers of all of the following, and we’d love an opportunity to show off our abilities:

  • Sacramento Outdoor Kitchen Installation
  • Sacramento Fire Pit and Barbecue Installation
  • Sacramento Water Features and Koi Pond Installation
  • Sacramento Landscape Curbing
  • Sacramento Putting Green Installation
  • Sacramento Arbor and Pergola Installation and More

We provide major landscape overhauls or custom landscape features, each one designed to give your yard that “wow” factor that improves its value and gives you a more enjoyable, custom yard. Whatever you need, we want to be your number one source for providing it. Contact us today at (916)783-5080 or book a free consultation using the form on the left, and see why so many use Capital Landscape for their landscape feature needs.

When people think of landscaping, many people just think of plants and grass. However, there is much more to landscaping than just that. Landscaping is an art form that includes extensive knowledge of botany and soil biology, artistic talent, and even construction. There are many different features in landscape design that contribute to the beautiful outdoor appearance you see in top-quality homes and businesses.

Sacramento Hardscape in Landscape Design

Hardscape Design Sacramento

Hardscaping is the design and construction of the hard parts of your outdoor area, such as patios and walkways. This is the starting point for any good landscape design, because this is the part that can’t be changed once it’s put in. If you think you are ever going to want hardscape elements in your Sacramento landscape, we’re going to need to put them in right at the beginning.

Hardscaping is the most permanent part of landscaping, and it is also the landscaping feature that adds the most value to your home or business. When you add a patio to your Sacramento home or business, you increase the usable space that you have access to, and you also make it possible to spend time outside in much greater luxury.

Other hardscape elements that you can choose include pool patios, walkways, porches, and even fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. You can really let your imagination run wild here, because hardscaping, paving, and paver stone installation are some of the things we love to do best here at Capital Landscape Design!

Landscaping with Plants and Decor

Landscape Design Sacramento

Landscaping, of course, refers to the kinds of plants you include in your yard and where you put them. There are also landscaping elements that are more permanent, such as installing irrigation systems and building retaining walls, if these are needed. When you hire Capital Landscape Design to install your landscaping for you, you can count on getting an absolutely beautiful design, plants installed and tended by a master gardener, and an overall result that you will be thoroughly delighted with.

Landscape Design options in Sacramento

There are many different options you can choose when deciding on landscaping in Sacramento. Every unique piece of land lends itself to different landscape designs, both for beauty and for the health of the plants that will be there. There is also an incredible amount of room for personal tastes and preferences. You may admire a particular style, or the architecture of your Sacramento home may lend itself to a coordinating landscaping look.

Drought Resistant Landscaping Design

Drought Tolerant Landscape Design Sacramento

Another option that many people are interested in here in Sacramento is the option of drought resistant landscaping design. As the historic drought continues and water levels continue to drop, people are worried about wasting water on their yards. It doesn’t help that water prices keep increasing as the water shortages become worse and worse.

Here at Capital Landscape Design, we have great solutions for drought resistant landscaping. We highly recommend choosing native plants for a beautiful, lush look that is made up of plants that have evolved to thrive in just this sort of weather. Succulents are a great choice, as are savory herbs that serve a double purpose: they make your yard look gorgeous and they are great for using in the kitchen too!

Artificial Grass Options for Drought Resistant Design

Arificial Grass Sacramento

Many Sacramento home owners and business owners are also moving toward artificial grass as the ultimate in drought resistant landscaping. It requires no water or mowing, ever, and it stays soft and lush all year long. Our artificial grass is completely safe for animals and pets, and it looks absolutely natural. Your neighbors won’t even be able to tell that it is artificial – at least until they notice that you never go out and mow it!

Here at Capital Landdscape Design, we offer many landscape features for our Sacramento customers. Give us a call today for a FREE estimate on your landscaping project![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”sidebar-main”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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